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Velux Flat Plate Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

Most people know the Velux name. They are without a doubt the company to turn to when you want high quality, leak free skylights or light tubes that will last as long as your home. Did you also know that Velux has taken that same commitment to quality and developed a line of flat plate solar thermal collectors? Over the years these hot water systems have proven themselves to be one of the best on the market.

What really sets them apart from their competition is their aesthetic appeal. Some people do not like the looks of evacuated tube collectors. In a few locations homeowner associations even try to set limitations on the placement of panels that can be seen by the neighbors. Velux flat plate solar thermal collectors can optionally flash into the shingles and look just like their skylights. In fact they can even be ordered in matching sizes. 

Velux skylights and thermal collectors


   2 Velux skylights on ends. 4 Flat plate solar thermal collectors in center. 

Velux flat plate solar thermal collectors


                                              Velux flat plate solar thermal collectors can even

                                              flash into your shingle for a less intrusive look.

An added bonus is the reasonable cost. Flat plate collectors are over 20% less expensive than evacuated tube systems. An average Velux solar hot water system for a small family can cost as little at $8,000 installed and is eligible for the federal 30% tax credit.  You can expect that your system will meet 50-70% of your hot water needs, with basically no maintenance costs. We meet people all the time with solar hot water systems still running from the 1970’s. Every year you will be saving money on fuel and reducing your impact on our environment.

While flat plate collectors cannot be used for space heating application in New England they are a cost effective options, especially for small families, to provide domestic hot water.  Excess summer heat can be sent to your pool.

Velux for seasonalvelux pool


For seasonal homes, hotels, camps, pools or other needs that needs are used primarily April-November, a flat plate collector is usually the best choice. Since the system is pressurized only a small low wattage pump is necessary to circulate the hot fluid. For off-grid applications a small Photovoltaic (PV) panel can be installed to provide the necessary electricity.



Velux hot water solarVelux solar

The owner of this beautiful new home in Brunswick choose Velux because of its ability to flash into the shingles giving a less intrusive look.  Everyone thinks these are skylights not the homes hot water system.






Velux 5 star

Solaris is proud to be the local Velux solar dealer.   Since we are a Velux 5 Star Solar specialist, our staff has extensive training, and we can handle any warranty issues you might have.  In addition we provide Velux systems to local contractors. 


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