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Solar Hot Air Sheets

Let the sun warm your rooms.

If you are looking for a way to cut your heating bills and become more “green” without making a large investment upfront, a hot air sheet may be the answer. A solar hot air sheet is the simplest high tech product on the market today.

Simple – It is just a black box that you hang outside on a wall. The sun shines and quickly makes the air inside hot.

High Tech – The Solarsheat come with a built in Photovoltaic panel, thermostat, and fan. You select the temperature and the system creates it’s own electric power to run the fan. The unit shuts off when the room reaches the desired temperature.

The Solarsheat is designed to be a supplemental system as it only works when the sun is shinning. If the air inside is not warmer than the room temperature, the system will not turn on. Dampers prevent cold air from entering your home.

  • The Solarsheat requires no power; it gets all it needs from the build in PV panel.
  • Solarsheat works if the power is out.
  • It is the perfect heat source for an off-grid location.
  • Numerous sizes available, measure the square footage of the room(s) to determine the best option.
  • Airflow is best in open room areas.

Once hung, the solar sheet looks much like another dark window. We have even seen applications where a group of them were used as an architectural element on a contemporary style building.


Installation is simple, just hang it on a sunny outside wall. Two 4-inch holes are cut into the wall. One draws the cooler air in from the floor area and the other up top sends out the warm air. You can even install the unit on the roof, use duct work, and vent it into any room you desire. The Solarsheat must be in the sun to work. It will provide heat even on cold days, but not if there isn’t any sun. It is a supplement to your existing system, not a replacement. For more information visit the solar sheet page at yoursoloarhome.com.

Solar Sheet

Installation takes a couple of hours and if you are comfortable cutting holes in your wall it can be a DIY project. You may need some help to lift and hang the unit. We also provide installation services.

Solarsheet works best in an open area without many walls.  Remember hot air will not stay contained in a room unless the door is closed.  The heat will naturally rise up staircases and heat always moves towards cold.   This can be helpful in warming the other rooms or it can be a problem if the warm air escapes from where you want it. 



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