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Information, Education and Trade Organizations

We are huge fans of Home Power magazine.  There is no better source to learn about energy efficiency, solar, and green living.  They cover DIY projects as well as times when you need to 

Home Power 160

bring in the pro's.  A subscription will be one of the best $15 investments you will ever make.  If you get the online option you can view all the previous issues and do searches for topics that interest you.  About the only down side is this is a national publication so sometimes what they talk about does not work well with our cold winters

Fed Gov National Study Shows Solar Adds to Home Value

More studies on Value added to homes by solar 

How to appraise a solar home From the Appraisal Journal

Summary of NREL report on solar's impact on home value  from Clean Technica

Solar leasing vs. buying'

Does Solar Increase the Value of of My House?, from Renewable Energy World

National Renewable Energy Lab, NREL


ClimateChoices - info on climate change impact on Maine

Natural Resource Council of Maine NRCM - works to protect Maine's environment

AZSolar Valuable information, focusing on Arizona so beware of climate differences
American Solar Energy Society
NESEA.org Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
Seia.org Solar Energy Industries Association

US Green Building Council, Maine, USGBC

Efficiency Maine Trust - Operates Maine's energy efficiency and incentive programs
SRCC US rating agency for solar thermal collectors

Summary of 2015 Maine's Legislator, Value of Solar Study, from Portland Press

Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Performance calculator for grid tied PV - NREL PVWatts


Heat Pump filter types


Oil & Gas Pricing and Information

Maine Oil prices Local Dealers         Weekly pricing US Dept of Energy

Propane safety and facts       Go Gas         Natural Gas Info

Clean Renewable Energy

We love Clean heating oil from Maine Standard BioFuels, same price as oil without the environmental impact

Maine Biomass Bio Bricks & Stoves is a great source for wood heating

Federal Incentives & Federal contacts

DsireUSA.org  For summary information on the federal and state tax incentives

IRS Form 5695 Residential Energy Credits

Contact Senator Susan Collins

Contact Senator Angus King

State incentives & State Government Contact

Efficiency Maine Trust   State energy efficiency and incentives

Email the Governor

Mailing Address:
Office of the Governor
#1 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0001

207 287-3531
207 287-6548 (TTY)

207 287-1034

State Legistature

Most bills get no public comments so even a few calls in support of energy efficiency can change the outcome

Find out who your elected state officials are and how to contact them.

Government, energy and green organizations sites

Department of Energy - Solar Sources includes a map of solar potential
US Department of Energy - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
US Department of Energy - Wind Technologies Program- Information on wind speeds in ME for windmill applications. Be aware of potentially out-of-date technological information.
Natural Resource Council of Maine
American Solar Energy Society

Web sites for energy geeks and techies

Green Building Advisor, GBA   Roofs, GBA  There is no such thing as "too-tight" of a home, GBA

Floridia Solar Energy Center

Spray Foam Organization

Proper Spray Foam installation, what can go wrong

Saving Electricty

PV modules, Testing and Ratings, are field ratings accurate?

Life expectancy of PV panels

Suppliers of Green Products

Performance Building Supply - a great company for all types of green home products, windows, paint, floors, countertops, and much more. Located in Portland near Whole Foods

EFI - on line source for energy products

Recommended green & energy efficient architects, builders, and knowledgeable real estate agents

Nest Maine Architects

Kaplan Thompson Architects

Island Carpentry

Codwell Banker Real Estate Saco Julia Bassett

Codwell Banker Real Estate Kennebunk  Kathryn Leffer

Energy Auditors, Weatherization/Insulation companies, HERS raters and more

Not all energy auditors are created equal.  We prefer those that have a comprehensive background in all facets of building energy issues including heating, solar, and more--not just building envelope experts or someone that just wants to sell their products.  Here are some of the best.

EcoVise - greater Portland, BPI, HERS

Cold Climate Home - Bath

Up Country - Scarborough, BPI, HERS, Home inspections

Summit Energy Solutions, Bridgeton, BPI, HERS

Bill Winkel, North Waterboro, BPI, HERS, green builder

Commercial, multi unit 5+,  John Monaghn, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tree trimming and removal  Joseph Lynch, ISA Certified Arborist



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PV Cost and Net Metering

Podcast explains Net Metering &  how much cheaper PV electric is vs. the utlity


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