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Solar Project Portfolio

Our portfolio page is a work in progress and will highlight a few of the hundreds of installs we have done.  The properties will cover a wide variety of installs so you can get an idea what your options are and how the equipment may look in your home.  We tried to pick sites that have features that people wonder about.   Many of our clients have web based monitoring and we plan to allow access to these sites so you can actually see systems run and review historical performance.  We will keep working on this as time allows, so check back soon. 

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Sanford pic little 400 p
Gorham, Apricus solar hot water, 12 module PV array and a electric car charge station
carner 006 editted version 2
Falmouth, 36 module ground mount array
IMG 4426 cropped LOW RES
One of the Mitsubishi heat pumps that heats and cools our office, this large FE18 is in our showroom.
PV 12 LG300 with Enphase, Harpswell
Harpswell, 12 LG 300 watt modules help offset the Mitsubishi FH15 heat pump that is the heating source in this nearly complete new super high efficiency home.  The owners hopes the PV system will cover all their electric and heating needs.  We used Enphase micro inverters to make sure expansion is easy should that become required.

Freeport, Andrews PV, Enphase, Mitsubishi Heat pumps

Freeport, Solar World modules with Enphase provide for the electric needs plus part of the heating provided by Mitsubishi heat pumps located in multiple rooms.   This new house is structurally much better than just the minimum building code but it is not designed to be super high performing.   There is a wood stove as a heating backup for supercold days.

R40/60, foam over sheathing, well air sealed but not so tight as to require HRV.


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