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PACE, Powersaver, & non-secured financing options
Solaris can help you access these programs

Maine’s PACE energy upgrade loan program can help you fund energy saving upgrades. PACE stands for Property Accessed Clean Energy. The Maine PACE financing program will allow homeowners to borrow up to $15,000 to use for projects that will reduce their homes energy usage. This can include energy audits, insulation, weatherization, heat pumps, new high efficiency heating and hot water equipment, solar energy systems, and more.  For the majority of families the loan payments are less than the fuel savings.  This means more money in your pocket each month.

Each town has to approve the program that is generally operated by the Efficiency Maine Trust; the same state group that operates our solar and weatherization incentive programs.  Almost all Maine towns participate.

An energy audit will be required using a state approved auditor. Average audit costs are $300-600. You will be required to make needed logical building shell improvements before money can be put towards solar.

Highlights of the PACE Program:

• The program has no income limits.
• Debit to income ratio is 45%
• You cannot be behind on your mortgage or property taxes at the time of application
• The interest rate is 4.99% with up to a 15 year term
• The loan amount cannot be greater than the homes equity
• An online application is available. www.EfficiencyMaine.com/PACE
• There are no fees or closing costs. Appraisals are normally not required.

Powersaver and other non-secured loans

Powersaver provides loans up to $25,000 and can be combined with other loan programs allowing you to borrow up to $40,000.  This is perfect if you want to combine solar with energy and heating upgrades or if you need to make structural improvements for safety.  There are now additional non-secured loans so no home equiity is needed and quailfiication is simplier.   When you call Efficiency Maine they will make sure you learn about the programs that are best for your situation.  In the fall of 2013 Efficiency Maine announced additioanal unsecured loans.  If you did not qualify for the orginal loan programs we highly suggest you check with them again as there are many more options now.

Admirals Bank Financing programs

Admirals Bank is one of the leading national finance companies for energy upgrades.  Their loan process is quick and simple.  They offer a variety of products including secured and unsecured loans.  Plus they can work with homeowners than have less than perfect credit or no equity in the house.  One of the big advantages of their solar loans is once your documents are signed the money is released to you providing you with the necessary funds for your deposit before the job begins so you are not tying up your savings.   To learn more about financing through Admirals Bank, please visit its website or contact:

Brianna Factor


email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NMLS # 1216211


Cut your fuel costs to cover your loan payment and keep a few more dollars in your pocket.

The number one reason families put off energy upgrades is lack of funds.  This is a wonderful opportunity for Maine families to get the money they need to cut their energy bills and make their homes more comfortable.  To participate in the loan process an energy audit will be required.  We are huge believers in energy audits as they will reveal simple, inexpensive, fixes you can make that will save money.   Part of the audit process is to provide the details on how the recommended improvements rank and will save you money to cover the loan cost. 

Most Maine families will find that new heating equipment such as a heat pumps, air sealing, extra attic insulation and basement air sealing & insulation, or upgrading or replacing oil boilers, will cut their energy bills by over 50%.  In addition, reducing drafts will make the home more comfortable so you can lower your thermostat.  Installing solar energy can bring further savings in fuel costs plus reduce your environmental impact. 

Solaris is not doing audits right now but we can refer you to the best BPI state approved energy auditors and weatherization companies.  We work with these people every day.  Some auditors have a narrow view and focus primaraly on the services they sell such as air sealing or insulation.  Others don't know enough about mechanicals to even tell you that your "78% efficient"  tankless coil oil boiler is the most in-efficient and expensive choice.   We think those with a comprehensive background in building shell, weatherization, mechanical, and solar have the knowledgebase needed to work as your partner, taking a whole house - long term view.   We recommend only the best.

Our most popular product right now is air source heat pumps which produce space heating and colling at less than half the cost of a traditional oil boiler.   We have helped countless families upgrade to energy efficient propane or natural gas boilers that cut their fuel bills 25-50%.  We are experts in high efficiency hot water, solar heating and hot water, solar electric, air source heat pumps for space heating, hybrid heat pump hot water, and more.  We look at your home as a whole system and since we “do it all” we give unbiased, cost effective, recommendations that meet your unique needs.  Plus our staff will help you through the PACE process and make sure you know about all the incentive programs. Give us a call today 797-0979.

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More information is available at www.EfficiencyMaine.com
For information on all the incentive programs: www.DsireUSA.org


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