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Seminar, Solar and High Efficiency Heating for New Construction

Location; Our showroom, 600 Riverside St, Portland, ME

Time Saturday March 1, 2104  9:30-11:30 am, with Q&A time afterwards, bring your floor plans

In this class builders and homeowners get a firm grasp on the different solar and high efficiency heating/hot water options that can cut the energy costs in new homes.  We discuss how these technologies impact the building process and how to inexpensively make a home “solar ready”.  We will look at solar thermal, PV, air source heat pumps and the advantages & design considerations with each.   

  • The advantages of radiant heating and why it should not be mixed with regular baseboard
  • Why air source heat pumps are the best fit for most well built homes
  • Site/sun needs for solar, using solar to power a heat pump for free space heating from the sun.  How to inexpensively build a "solar ready" home to cut the cost of adding solar later when the budget allows.
  • Government incentives to build green, costs and ROI, energy star, and HERS ratings
  • We will even discuss the basics of energy efficient building and what questions to ask your builder: insulation choices, blower door tests and Air Changes per Hour (ACH) and thermal bridging.

Seminar, Cutting heating costs with Air Source Heat Pumps

Location: Our showroom, 600 Riverside St, Portland

Time: Saturday March 8 2014,  9:30-10:30am, with optional Q&A for your unique situation

The media, your co-workers, heating contractors are all raving about air source heat pumps.  The state's energy department, Efficiency Maine, is providing $500 residential incentives and $500-600 commercial, because the units are such energy savers.  Compared to a standard tankless coil oil boiler a heat pump is like buying oil for less than $1.50 a gallon.  In  this seminar we will explain why today's heat pumps are different than the old models, how they work, why they save so much money and what to look at when comparing different units.  There is not a "best brand" since each has different features and we will help find the unit that meets your needs.   Everyone wonders how air source heat pumps can pull heat from outside when it is below zero, and we will explain why this works.  We will also discuss how you can combine these with a solar electric system and let the sun's free energy heat your home.  We will address the ideal install location and stay after the seminar to answer all your questions about your unique situation.  If you like bring a ruff floor plan drawing for us to review.  We love heat pumps and use one in our showroom--so come check it out.  With an average installed price of $3500 the fuel savings pay for the purchase in only a few years.

Bring a friend and you both get a $100 discount coupon!

Seminar, Solar & Green Options for Homeowners

Location: Our showroom, 600 Riverside St, Portland

Time: Saturday March 15 2014,  9:30-11:30am, with optional Q&A for your unique situation

This introductory class will discuss different solar, wind and high efficiency heating and cooling system options, installation issues and the limitations and benefits of each. Topics includes: energy saving tips and products, solar thermal space heating and hot water, solar electric P/V, wind power and government incentives. We will cover options for both existing homes and new home construction.  With so many new natural gas lines being installed we will also discuss the advantages and costs of converting and how this compares to options such as heat pumps.  We have a working solar electric system and heat pump in our office for you to see in action.  

Seminar, What every real estate professional needs to know about home energy use

ie: why should I buy house A when house B costs only $500 a year to heat?

Location: Our showroom, 600 Riverside St, Portland

Time: Tuesday March 25 2014,  10:00-12:00  with optional Q&A for your unique situation

Home owners are becoming more energy savvy and they are worried about their new homes energy use.  If they have made energy improvements in their home they expect that it added value to their property.  If you are wondering what makes one home more energy efficient than the next, how to steer your clients clear of energy hogs, and how to better market an energy efficient property this seminar is for you.  We will talk about the new HERS rating field on the MLS and how it will change the world.  

If you make recommendations to homeowners on how to prep a home for sale what should you be telling them about their homes energy use and how it can impact the sale? When you see a mod/con boiler, a heat pump hot water tank, spray foamed rim joists, a heat pump on the wall, or a solar system do you have any idea what you are looking at and why these things matter?  Do you wonder what Net Zero really means? We can help.  Looking at current owners energy bills to predict future costs is almost pointless since no 2 families live the same.   We will explain a few differences that radically distort the numbers. 

Bring your questions, pictures, or info on any listing you have and we will help you work through the details.  

Seminar, Cutting home energy costs

Learn about many ways to cut the energy used in your home.  We will address the energy audit process, the importance of being air tight vs. insulating.  We will discuss low-cost devises such as KVAR to reduce electric use, plus cold start and outdoor resets to reduce the oil used by you boiler.  We also address high efficiency boilers, furnaces and the importance of proper installation plus air source mini split heat pumps. We will also do a quick overview on solar hot water and solar electric. 

Seminar, Solar for Builders, Contractors and the Construction Industry

Get a firm grasp on the different solar options that can cut the energy costs in any existing or new building, and how these technologies impact the building process, cost, and ROI. We will look at solar thermal, PV, and integrated roofing systems and the advantages of each. We will discuss:

  • The advantages of radiant heating or air source heat pumps
  • Site/sun needs for solar installs, space & electrical considerations
  • Installation/timing issues with solar systems
  • Government incentives to contractor to build green

Seminar, Solar Thermal for Commercial Applications for Contractors and Owners

This class will focus on both retrofit and new construction to take advantage of solar thermal hot water for heating, processes heat, A/C and industrial applications. For any business using large quantities of hot water/heat, using the free heat of Solar Thermal can save a great deal of money.

We will discuss a few case studies and entertain your individual questions since we understand each business is unique. We will also provide information on government incentives and the advantages of becoming more environmentally responsible.

Lunch and Learn, Solar Thermal for Architects and Design Professionals

Lunch & Learn. Find out how solar can be creatively integrated into your residential and commercial designs. Get better insight on the different brands and outputs of solar thermal collectors, uses, and how to specify systems.  Find out why solar thermal sales have dropped off and how solar electric can cost effectively provide the energy for hot water.  Net Zero all electric homes are finally practical. 


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