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Our goal is to help you cost effectively cut your energy use and environmental impact. 

We are a locally owned company specializing in solar heat & hot water, solar photovoltaic electric systems, heat pumps, energy audits, insulation, radiant heating, condensing gas boilers, and many other products to reduce your energy consumption, cut your fuel bill and reduce your carbon footprint.  We have been installing solar since 2008.  Our office is located in Portland and our showroom has a number of working systems including Mitsubishi heat pumps and a photovoltaic system.    

While all of us have a strong interest in the environment we see energy upgrades as money saving option for families and businesses.  Maine has some of the highest energy costs in the nation.  We are the only state relying primarily on expensive, environmentally harmful, oil.  Our housing stock is older than average, leaky, and poorly insulated.  When we look at the many ways other states are conserving energy and cutting their fuel bills Maine is two steps behind.  Solaris wants to change that. 

Why use Solaris?

The reason to use Solaris is simple: you need a quality product, installed right, by a dependable, experienced, honest company, that stands behind every job 100%.  We are Maine certified solar installers and hold all HVAC licenses. 

A gentleman at a home show asked, "Why should I buy from you instead of our competitors?"

  • Our first reason is that solar energy is more than just a job for us; it is a passion. We know the differences in the manufactures products and options and we care about providing you the best solution for your unique needs.  We have the experience and expertise in a wide variety of energy saving products to insure you will be satisfied. That is where we get our reward.
  • We have a truly superior product in Thermomax solar thermal hot water systems.  We proudly sell only the best products that we are confident will provide years of reliable service to our clients. Most importantly we install then right, never cutting corners.  We want to insure your installation work outlasts the product.
  • Our technicians have the ability to design a custom solutions that take advantage of your existing systems. We do not just sell one-size-fits-all prepackaged systems.  Additionally, we have Thermomax's top-notch engineering department for large scale solar hot water jobs and our distributors electrical engineering department for PV. By utilizing these engineers we keep our costs down, and we get designs from experts that have decades of solar engineering experience.
  • We work with you and look at the house as a whole.  We always let you know about the most cost effective way to accomplish your goals and connect you with incentive programs.


What sets our work apart from the others

Your systems are going to last a very long time and our workmanship will stand the test of time.  Many times our price is not the lowest but when you look at what we are providing, and consider the long term impact of cutting corners, our price is a bargain. 

  • On all roof installs we use the highest quality caulking to seal all roof penetrations plus a roof flashing system to help insure your home is leak free
  • We cut off excess lengths of racking so you do not see rails sticking out from the sides of your collectors as in the picture at the left
  • On solar electric system we insure the cables are properly sized and rated for the heat in your attic/conduit or outdoor exposure as necessary.  We clip up cables so they are not damaged by rubbing on the shingles
  • All outside fasteners are stainless or other non-rusting metal
  • PV systems are labeled to meet the new 2014 NEC code
  • Heat pumps are lifted off the ground so you are not outside shoveling with each snow storm
  • Every penetration we make in your home will be properly sealed and air tight
  • We will make sure you get your warranty cards to properly register you systems.  If there are multiple documents they will be placed in a folder and marked
  • We will handle the paperwork for the incentive programs and with PV system the CMP applications and agreements
  • Our techs have booties, they remove their shoes, they have Mr Clean sponges, they vacuum up their mess, and leave your grounds as they found them

Our staff has a broad knowledge base and will help you get up to speed

We believe that educating the public is an important part of our job.  Lots of people we meet have no idea how solar works or the benefits it offers.  Many have no idea the high percentages of homes using solar worldwide.  A few still think it does not work in Maine because it is too cold (cold does not impact evacuated tubes and actually helps PV electric).  We are happy to answer the "stupid questions" because we asked them too!  We have provided classes for groups and schools and we regularly offer free solar and energy saving seminars.  Getting homeowners and small businesses away from the upheaval of oil dependency is largely an educational process and we are ready to help.

We believe that educating our staff is critical.  While improving technical skills and keeping up with changes in technology is important we take it a step further.  Since we look at the whole house as systems we continue to broaden our knowledge base in building science, indoor air quality, energy efficient construction techniques and more.   We don't claim to be experts in these fields but we can identify times when we need to recommend other professionals.


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